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Traditional African Foods Ridi (beniseed) and Egusi soup

African Dish Ridi (beniseed) and Egusi soup

African Dish: Ridi (beniseed) and Egusi soup

Ridi (beniseed) and Egusi soup Ingredients

1 Beef.
2 Dry fish (1 medium).
3 Ridi/beniseed.
4 Egusi..
5 Crayfish (N50 worth).
6 Palm oil 11/2 cooking spoon.
7 Fresh spinach.
8 Pepper (5).
9 Onion 1 medium.
10 Salt.
11 Seasoning 3 stock cube.
12 Soya bean seasoning/dawadawa (optional).
13 Fresh ginger.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash your meat, dice part of the onion and two stock cube and put all in a pot and bring to a boil. Blend the rest of the onion, pepper crayfish and the soya seasoning if using and set aside..
Step 2 Mill the ridi and egusi and set aside. Wash and cut the spinach and also wash and debone the fish and also set aside.
Step 3 When the meat is half done add the pepper mixture and the palm oil and bring to a boil for 2 minutes then add the egusi mixture and cook for 10minutes (ridi takes a little longer time to cook than egusi) you wouldn't want to serve under cooked soup 🙈😁.
Step 4 Add your soaked and washed deboned fish and spinach with the remaining stock cube and simmer for 2 mins and then check if the taste is OK else add salt to taste and simmer for another minute and the soup is ready. Can be served with any swallow..
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