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Africana rice package Ingredients

1 Raw rice.
2 Fish.
3 Carrot.
4 Green pepper.
5 Green beans.
6 Spanish spag.
7 Sweet corn.
8 Cucumber.
9 Cabbage.
10 Maggi.
11 Curry.
12 Tyme.
13 Salt.
14 Veg oil.
15 Yello pepper.
16 Red pepper.
17 Grinded pepper and tomatoes.
18 Tin tomatoes.
19 Salad cream.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Was your quantity of rice and perboil on gas. Onces it's half cooked, sieve and seperate for the two different types of rice..
Step 2 Then chop all your veggies properly down. Meanwhile, was your fish and spice,then fry and keep aside..
Step 3 Then for the Jollof rice,heat up pot,in 2mins, add salt,onions, stir and add your grindered tomatoes and pepper, then add the tin with maggi,stir again and allow to boil for 10mins before you add put your rice. Taste to see if all condiments are ok. Add little water. Then cover the pot.leave for 15mins.
Step 4 For the fried rice,heat pot on gas with veg oil, give it 2mins,then add onion and Salt first before curry to mak it greenish. Then stir well and add maggi,pour your rice and taste,then add water a little and cover the pot.leace for 15mins Once the rice is ready. Add your choppedveggies and turn well..
Step 5 For the salad,mix cabbage, carrot and sweet corn,stir well. YOU can add cream if you want yo serve..
Step 6 For the other veg mix, add both yellow, green and red pepper together first,then get a thickner from the salad cream mixed with ketchup, just a little. Then prepare your spaghetti very small in the same form of the fried rice. All this should be ready in 30mins. Then check the other cooking things and in no time,they should be ready for serve..
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