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African Food African food Ndengu Chapati

West African Foods African food Ndengu Chapati

African Food: African food Ndengu Chapati

African food Ndengu Chapati Ingredients

1 ndengu.
2 cubes congets diced in.
3 cubes carrots in.
4 onion diced.
5 cubes potatoes diced.
6 cubes tomatoes cut in.
7 3 cloves garlic grated.
8 grated ginger.
9 minced meat.
10 oil and s a lt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Steam the mince meat and add oil then onion.cook till brown..
Step 2 Add ginger and garlic, turn and then add carrots, then congets,tomatoes and turn them add potatoes. Cook till ready..
Step 3 Add the already sorted and boiled ndengu. Keep turning. Add salt if u want..
Step 4 Serve with chapati or any accompaniment of your choice..
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