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Tasty Food Vegetable soup….Efo rirošŸ„µ Nigerian Cuisine

Best Food Ever: Vegetable soup….Efo rirošŸ„µ definitely is our favorite nigerian dish. Its not hard to make Vegetable soup….Efo rirošŸ„µ. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you guys! Full written recipe for the vegetable soup (Efo riro). Efo riro as this vegetable soup is natively called in Yoruba literally translates to 'vegetable stir ' (where 'efo' translates to This Nigerian spinach stew, also called vegetable soup and natively known as "Efo Riro" is guaranteed to be one of the most savory and delicious spinach recipes you will ever taste!

Vegetable soup....Efo rirošŸ„µ

So Tasty Vegetable soup….Efo rirošŸ„µ Nigerian Dish

Efo Riro is a traditional Vegetable Soup of the Yoruba Tribe in Nigeria. It is well known for its savory taste and richness. It is actually the Yoruba version of the Efik's Edikang Efo Riro is prepared with assorted meat, fish, large quantity of green vegetables and peppers(tomatoes are added, sometimes). You can simply prepare Vegetable soup….Efo rirošŸ„µ in 9 ingredients and only 9 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 Take of Vegetable.
2 Approximately of Pomo.
3 Take of Scott bonnets.
4 Approximately of Smoked fish.
5 Approximately of Palm oil.
6 It’s cubes of Seasoning.
7 Prepare of Salt.
8 About of Locust beans.
9 Take of Onion.

Two leafy vegetables indigenously used to prepare 'Efo riro' are: 'Efo Soko' (Spinach) and 'Efo Tete' (Green Amaranth). It can also be prepared using pumpkin leaves or spinach. Other ingredients include stockfish, cow skin, palm oil, crayfish, scotch bonnet pepper, tatase, locust bean, tripe 'saki'. Efo Riro is a rich vegetable soup that you should prepare when you cannot buy the ingredients for Edikang Ikong.

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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Pour your palm oil into your pot.
Step 2 Put in your sliced onions and stir and add your Scott bonnets and stir…fry for a while.
Step 3 Add your seasoning cubes and salt to taste.
Step 4 Add your locust beans and pomo which must have been washed.
Step 5 Add your fish and stir….Do not add water… leave to fry.
Step 6 Wash your vegetable and after a while add your vegetable to the mixture and stir.
Step 7 Add vegetable little by little…. stir as you add.
Step 8 Leave it to heat up for a while….do not burn.
Step 9 And your vegetable is ready to go with anything.

The vegetables that can be used to cook this soup are Efo Shoko or Efo Tete (Green Amaranth). If these are not readily available where you live, leafy or frozen spinach is a very. Efo riro is a nigerian food and it is absolutely delicious. You can have this with some rice, eba, pounded yam, plantain etc. I hope you find this helpful and.