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African Dish Egusi soup with fresh fish

African Food Egusi soup with fresh fish

West African Foods: Egusi soup with fresh fish

Egusi soup with fresh fish Ingredients

1 egusi.
2 fresh pepper.
3 Salt.
4 I big fresh fish.
5 cksp Crayfish.
6 knorr cube.
7 palmoil.
8 small bulb Onion.
9 vegetable(ugu).

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Cut and wash fish very well.boil with salt,knorr cube and onion.bring down onces it has boiled very well..
Step 2 Place a dry pot on fire,Add palmoil allow to fry small then add egusi and stir vigorously with wooden spoon..
Step 3 Allow to fry for at least 5mins when you can smell the egusi very well..
Step 4 Pour in the fish stock and stir and add enough water for the soup.allow to boil round very well..
Step 5 Add crayfish,pepper,knorr cube and Salt..
Step 6 Allow to boil very well then add the fish stir and add the vegetable allow to boil for 1min and bring down..
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