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African Cuisine Egusi soup and goat meat

African Dish Egusi soup and goat meat

West African Foods: Egusi soup and goat meat

Egusi soup and goat meat Ingredients

1 grinded egusi.
2 fresh pepper.
3 ugu.
4 knor maggi.
5 salt.
6 milk cup of palmoil.
7 kilo of meat(goat).
8 meat stock.
9 hand full of crayfish.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash the meat and boil.
Step 2 Wash and shreds the leaves..
Step 3 To the meat stock, add the oil,grinded crayfish, pepper,maggi and allow to boil.
Step 4 Add a little quantity of water to the grinded egusi and mould in to balls.
Step 5 Add balls into the boiling soup and allow for 3mins to tender.
Step 6 Add the shredded leaves.and stir the mixture.
Step 7 Bring down after 3seconds.
Step 8 You can serve with either semo or any accompaniment of your choice.
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