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Tasty Food Eforiro Nigerian Food

Tasty Food Eforiro certainly is our favorite nigerian cuisine. This is my secret recipe to make Eforiro. Efo Riro is a rich vegetable soup that is native to the Yorubas of Western Nigeria. The vegetables that can be used to cook this soup are Efo Shoko or Efo Tete (Green. Efo Riro – The African Stewed Spinach also popularly known as Efo riro is a one-pot stew with layers of flavor.


Easy Yummy Eforiro Nigerian Dish

Efo Riro needs no introduction as it's one of the most popular vegetable soups in Nigeria and an absolute A major rule is; using tomatoes for Efo Riro is an absolute No No! This is an awesome update Efo Riro Recipe using Soko vegetable! ! For the step-by-step instructions, ingredients list and exact. You can simply cook Eforiro by following 9 ingredients and only 3 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 It’s 5 of Tomato sauce.
2 Prepare 10 of grinded pepper and 1 medium onions.
3 Prepare handful of locust beans.
4 Take bunch of leaves Pumpkin (slice).
5 It’s 1 tbs of Crayfish.
6 Prepare of Salt.
7 Prepare of Seasoning.
8 Prepare of beef stock.
9 Take of palm oil.
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Efo Riro is a very popular Yoruba soup in Nigeria, it is one of my favorite Nigerian soups If you scroll down a little, you will find a deliciously made plate of efo riro, as served with. Efo riro is a traditional yoruba dish that is served in many homes that are not necessarily from the Yoruba culture. Efo riro is sometimes served at parties, weddings and other. Efo riro is a Yoruba vegetable soup from Nigeria.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 You have to boil the grinded ingredients.
Step 2 Put palm oil on fire and add the boiled pepper and tomatoes with crayfish and then add the locust beans and the sliced vegetables.
Step 3 Add meat stock and seasoning. Mix well and leave it to cook.

In fact, "efe" means "vegetables" in the Yoruba language. Efo riro can be cooked with a variety of meats, including both red. Efo Riro is a Rich & Nutritious Vegetable Soup from Yorubaland, Nigeria. Learn how to Efo Riro is a traditional Vegetable Soup of the Yoruba Tribe in Nigeria. Efo-riro is a hearty Nigerian soup native to the Yorubas.