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African Dish Efo-riro

West African Foods Efo-riro

African Cuisine: Efo-riro

Efo-riro Ingredients

1 shoko.
2 Peppermix (shombo,atarodo,tattasai).
3 locust beans.
4 bulb onions.
5 maggi crayfish cubes.
6 maggi hotpot cubes.
7 grounded crayfish.
8 kpomo.
9 Beef as desired.
10 palm oil.
11 dry fish.
12 Shaki as desired.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Here are d ingredients.
Step 2 In a pot heat palmoil, add onions n locust beans fry for 2 mins.
Step 3 Add grounded crayfish, peppermix n maggi hotpot cubes fry d peppermix for 20mins.
Step 4 After 20mins add dry fish n maggi crayfish cubes.
Step 5 Add d beef, kpomo, and shaki.
Step 6 Add shoko leaves, add more crayfish n stir allow to cook for 1min thats all enjoy.
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