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African Food Efo Riro

African Cuisine Efo Riro

African Food: Efo Riro

Efo Riro Ingredients

1 vegetable.
2 Meat.
3 Vegetable oil.
4 Dry fish.
5 tomatoes.
6 Big onions.
7 Scotch bonnet.
8 Red bell pepper.
9 Bullion.
10 Salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Slice the leaves up and pour hot water over it..
Step 2 Rinse it off with cold water and set aside. Cook your meat, ponmo and dry fish till tender set that aside too. in a pot heat up some vegetable oil fry the locust beans for like 3min add blended pepper tomatoes and onions into it. Add your washed dry fish..
Step 3 Pour in your cooked meat and ponmo wt the stock. when the tomato is well fried add your vegetable stir together leave to cook for about 3minutes and its ready serve with rice,yam, or swallow of choice..
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