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So Yummy Classic Nigerian Breakfast Nigerian Cuisine

Tasty Food Classic Nigerian Breakfast no doubt is one of my favorite nigerian dish. Its not hard to make Classic Nigerian Breakfast.

Classic Nigerian Breakfast

Easy Yummy Classic Nigerian Breakfast Nigerian Food

You can easily cook Classic Nigerian Breakfast by following 9 ingredients and only 22 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do it.


1 About 4 cups of beans.
2 You need of Water.
3 It’s 6 of Red bell pepper.
4 Approximately 4 of Chilli pepper.
5 Take 3 of Onions.
6 Approximately of Yam.
7 About of Plantain.
8 Approximately of Salt.
9 It’s of Spices and seasonings.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 For the kosai/akara.
Step 2 Soak the beans in water for about ten minutes.
Step 3 Pound the beans a little so that the skin will peal up..
Step 4 Wash the skin away from the beans..
Step 5 Soak the washed beans in warm water for about forty minutes.
Step 6 Using two cups of water blend the beans to a smooth paste..
Step 7 Add a little water if the paste is too thick.
Step 8 Grate 3 red bell pepper, 2 chilli pepper and 2 onions then add it to the bean paste..
Step 9 Add salt and spices to the paste and stir.
Step 10 Pour in oil and heat in a deep frying pan..
Step 11 Scoop the paste
into the oil using a table spoon..
Step 12 Keep on scooping the paste into the oil and fry till light golden brown..
Step 13 For the yam:.
Step 14 Peel the yam, cut and slice it then deep fry it..
Step 15 For the plantain:.
Step 16 Peel off the plantain skin, slice it and then deep fry it..
Step 17 For the sauce:.
Step 18 Grate 3 bell pepper, 2 chilli pepper and 1 onions.
Step 19 Fry two table spoon of oil in a frying pan.
Step 20 Pour the grated vegetables into the oil.
Step 21 Add salt and spices and fry for four minutes on a low flame..
Step 22 This meal can be eaten with koko/pap or tea..
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