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African Food Stock Fish Eforiro

African Dish Stock Fish Eforiro

African Food: Stock Fish Eforiro

Stock Fish Eforiro Ingredients

1 stockfish head.
2 medium tomatoes.
3 attarugu(scotch bonnet pepper).
4 big Onion.
5 #100 bunch Efo(aleho).
6 boiled beef.
7 crayfish(ground).
8 Spices.
9 seasoning cubes.
10 cooking spoons P.oil.
11 cooking spoons beef stock.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash and cut all veggies(efo, tomatoes, peppers and onion)..
Step 2 Wash and steam stockfish a for a bit. Separate fleshy pieces of the fish..
Step 3 Place pot on fire, put in Palm oil. Let heat up then put in fleshy pieces of stockfish. Stir fry for 3mins..
Step 4 Add in tomatoes, peppers and Onion and continue to stir..
Step 5 Add in spices, cubes, crayfish and beef. Keep stirring till mix starts to fry dry..
Step 6 Put in a bit of hot beef stock, then the Efo. Mix well so all incorporates..
Step 7 Put off heat after 3mins. Serve hot and enjoy..
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