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African Cuisine Eforiro soup

African Dish Eforiro soup

African Food: Eforiro soup

Eforiro soup Ingredients

1 naira spinach (allaiyahu).
2 Naira ugu.
3 Meat.
4 meatstock.
5 Stock fish.
6 Onion.
7 Spices.
8 Iru (Daddawa).
9 Red oil.
10 Attarugu n garlic.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash ur spinach thoroughly and cut..
Step 2 Wash your ugu and set aside..
Step 3 In a pot add water and boil. Pour d water over your washed spinach and drain add cold water and press out the water with your hands..
Step 4 In a pot add in your red oil add onion add grinded attarugu and garlic..
Step 5 Add in your Daddawa and spices then add your meatstock,meat and stockfish..
Step 6 Cover and allow to simmer. Add in your ugu leaves. Allow to cook for 2 minutes then add in your spinach and stir.. Allow to simmer for a minute. (spinach doesn't need to stay for a long time on the fire so it doesn't change its colour)..
Step 7 Your soup is ready.. Enjoy with any swallow of your choice.
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