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West African Foods Efo Riro (spinach Stew)

African Cuisine Efo Riro (spinach Stew)

African Dish: Efo Riro (spinach Stew)

Efo Riro (spinach Stew) Ingredients

1 spinach.
2 cow leg.
3 fresh fish.
4 Dry fish.
5 cray fish.
6 big balls of fresh tomatoes.
7 balls of red pepper.
8 large onion.
9 Locust beans.
10 Palm oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Blend one onions with tomato and pepper. Chop the other onions.
Step 2 In a pot heat oil add onions and locust beans.
Step 3 Add the cow leg dry fish and fresh fish.
Step 4 Add the blended tomato mix and allow to cook star occasionally.
Step 5 Add Maggi salt and cray fish.
Step 6 Pour hot water on your spinach, drain the water off and add spinach to cooking stew stir for 3min.
Step 7 Add cow leg dry fish and fresh fish stair for 1min and add stock.
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