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Traditional African Foods Efo riro

African Food Efo riro

Traditional African Foods: Efo riro

Efo riro Ingredients

1 Habanero pepper.
2 onion.
3 Doyin cubes.
4 medium snail.
5 Shoko leaves.
6 Dry fish.
7 Pomo.
8 Grounded crayfish.
9 Salt.
10 Palm oil.
11 Salt.
12 Beef.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash and season meat with doyin cube and salt,boil till tender put aside..
Step 2 Wash and season snail with salt,cook till tender put aside..
Step 3 Grate habanero pepper with onion..
Step 4 Put a pot on cooker,add palm oil,add chopped onion then add grated habanero pepper and fry,add the last Doyin cube with little salt and continue frying,when the oil separates from the pepper,add dry fish,grounded cray fish and chopped pomo,stir together,after 3 minutes,add cooked beef and snail stir and cook for another 3 minutes..
Step 5 Finally add washed shoko and stir together, cook for another 5 minutes done..
Step 6 Adjust taste with salt if necessary..
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