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West African Foods Semo wv efo soup

African Food Semo wv efo soup

West African Foods: Semo wv efo soup

Semo wv efo soup Ingredients

1 Semo.
2 Water.
3 Buttet.
4 Offals.
5 Spinach.
6 Tomatoes paste.
7 Ginger n garlic paste.
8 Spices.
9 Seasoning.
10 Salt.
11 Iru.
12 Grated onions n pepper.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Put ur water on fire,add butter n allow it to boil. Open ur semo n put little quantity in to a bowl,add water n make a light paste n turn in to d boiling pot n stir till it thickens. Now using powdered semo make d tuwo n allow to cook….n den put in white leathers n keep in a cooler.
Step 2 Wash n boil ur offal's wv spices,sm of the ginger n garlic paste, maggi,salt n onions n allow to cook till soft.
Step 3 Put palm oil in a pot,add onions and d remaining garlic n ginger paste n stir,add ur tomatoes paste,grinded pepper n onions n cook for 5mins…Add ur offal's(fry it if u want),ur stock,seasoning,spices n allow to cook till d stew is well fried…
Step 4 Cut n wash ur spinach wv salt n keep in a strainer. In a pot add oil not much,onions,grated pepper,iru n stir for 2 mins……add ur spinach,seasoning, black pepper n lower d heat n allow to cook for five minutes(spinach retain its nutritional value wen its not over cooked)… Then serve along wv ur tuwo n stew.
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