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Traditional African Foods Alkubus wv eforiro

African Cuisine Alkubus wv eforiro

African Food: Alkubus wv eforiro

Alkubus wv eforiro Ingredients

1 Flour.
2 Wheat flour.
3 powdered milk.
4 yeast.
5 butter.
6 salt.
7 sugar.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Sieve ur flour n wheat flour add ur butter n mix till it crumbles,add ur sugar n salt.
Step 2 Proof ur yeast in a 5tbsp of warm water n milk for 5 minutes.
Step 3 Turn ur proofed yeast to ur flour n make a dough thicker dan dat of puff puff n keep in a warm place for an hour..
Step 4 Get ur containers I used small white yaji containers,rubb oil in dem den pour in ur batter in small quantity cos it will double in size as u r cooking/steaming it. U can use leader or moi moi containers too.
Step 5 Put water in a pot allow to boil den arrange ur containers n steam for 30 mins….when its well steamed d aroma will b lit n inviting…or use a toothpick n pierce d middle of d alkubus,wen it comes out clean…den is ready. Serve wv eforiro..
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