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African Food Efo riro

African Dish Efo riro

Traditional African Foods: Efo riro

Efo riro Ingredients

1 Vegetable efo.
2 Meat.
3 Smoked Fish.
4 Ponmo.
5 Crayfish.
6 Iru.
7 Pepper.
8 tomatoes.
9 onions.
10 Palm oil.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Cut vegetable leaves into bits after been washed thoroughly and then soak with warm water adding little salt to the water.
Step 2 Boil meat wash roasted fish and ponmo and cut into small pie.
Step 3 Blend pepper onions and little tomatoes.
Step 4 Bleach oil on fire then add the iru thoroughly washed and the pepper.allow to cook for a while.
Step 5 Add your meat fish ponmo etc and seasoning.
Step 6 Allow to cook with the pepper for a while then squeeze the vegetable into it.
Step 7 Allow to cook for a while add seasoning to taste and allow to cook very well your efo riro is served.
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