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West African Foods Easy Efo Riro with poundo yam

African Cuisine Easy Efo Riro with poundo yam

African Cuisine: Easy Efo Riro with poundo yam

Easy Efo Riro with poundo yam Ingredients

1 large husk of (Efo Soko) Spinach.
2 large titus fish (smoked)optional).
3 offals(shaki/liver/kidney) snails (optional).
4 roughly blended bell pepper.
5 medium onion sliced.
6 locust beans.
7 palm oil.
8 smoked stock fish (optional).
9 salt.
10 bullion knorr cube.
11 tyme/curry.
12 Poundo yam flour.
13 water for poundo yam making.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Chop and wash your spinach (Efo soko) then set Aside to drain in a sieve. Next clean and wash both your smoked Titus and smoked stock fish and also set aside. Now slice the onions in circles. Also make sure you wash your locust beans very well – you can miss a shell or two but anymore will spoil the vegetable..
Step 2 Now get your pot out and add your palm oil. Allow it to heat up before you add your onions and let it fry.after 1 minute add your chopped rough pepper and stir. Allow that to simmer for 2 minutes.
Step 3 Once that has simmer, you can add your locust beans and fishes and now add your offals. Let that cook for 3 minutes exactly,now add your salt and your knorr stock cube. Get your spinach and add it as well and cover to simmer for 2 more minutes. Now stir and serve. And your Efo-Riro is good to go!!!!.
Step 4 For the poundo yarn : Get a pot and add a cup of water, allow to boil and then turn down the heat before you add your yam flour, stir vigorously to eliminate all plumbs and lumps. now turn up the heat and allow to cook for 2 minutes, stir vigorously once more and then serve with your Efo- Riro. You can enjoy both with a glass of soda..
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