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Traditional African Foods Eforiro(Spinach soup)

West African Foods Eforiro(Spinach soup)

Traditional African Foods: Eforiro(Spinach soup)

Eforiro(Spinach soup) Ingredients

1 Spinach.
2 Stock fish.
3 tablespn hot pepper.
4 miles fresh tomatoes.
5 Cow skin(cut in cubes).
6 crayfish.
7 palm oil.
8 bulb Onions.
9 wrap locust beans(Eru).
10 Seasonings.
11 Salt.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Clean,wash and cut kpomo,stockfish season and boil till tender in small quantity of water.
Step 2 Pound crayfish,blend tomatoes and pepper,chopped onions and set aside.
Step 3 Place a pot on fire,add palm oil and allow to heat up,add chopped onions and allow to sweat,add blended pepper,stir and allow to cook.
Step 4 Pour in d cooked kpomo and stockfish,crayfish and allow to cook well,add in Eru and correct seasonings.
Step 5 Wash,shread and blanch d spinach in boiled water with little salt,re-fresh spinach and pour in colander to drain water.
Step 6 Add spinach to d sauce,stir and allow to cook for 3-2 minutes, correct seasonings and serve with semo,Amala,pounded yam or Tuwon shinkafa as I just did…..enjoy.
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