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African Dish Efo riro

African Food Efo riro

Traditional African Foods: Efo riro

Efo riro Ingredients

1 Spinach.
2 Pepper.
3 Roasted panla fish.
4 Ponmo.
5 Onion.
6 Palm oil.
7 Vegetable oil.
8 Salt.
9 Maggie.
10 Locust beans.
11 Curry.
12 Crayfish.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Get your oils, blended pepper mix.
Step 2 Wash your roasted fish and ponmo.
Step 3 Cut and rinse your vegetable.
Step 4 Boil the vegetable for 5 minutes and cut into mini sizes.
Step 5 Bleach your Palm oil add some vegetable oil,add your locust beans and onion and fry till translucent.
Step 6 Add your pepper and stir fry,add salt, Maggie and curry with grounded crayfish,add your ponmo and fish cook for a while.
Step 7 Pour in your spinach and stir cook,.
Step 8 Ready to serve with any swallow or eat as an appetizer..
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