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Traditional African Foods Efo Riro

African Dish Efo Riro

African Dish: Efo Riro

Efo Riro Ingredients

1 Green leaf (efo).
2 Atarodo.
3 Tatashi.
4 Sombo.
5 Onions.
6 Red oil.
7 Dry fish.
8 Crayfish.
9 Assorted meat.
10 Stockfish.
11 Iru.
12 Seasoning.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Blend atarodo,onions, tatashi, sombo together, cook till the water dries up. See it aside.
Step 2 Set 2 cooking spoon full of red oil on heat, bleach a bit and immediately add your pepper mix.
Step 3 Stir and add iru..
Step 4 Add all meat and dried fish.
Step 5 Add meat stock and stir, add maggi cube and stir..
Step 6 Add the already washed and sliced vegetables. Stir, taste for Salt and set it down..
Step 7 Bon Appetit!.
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