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Traditional African Foods Efe Riro(Vegetable with Rice)

African Cuisine Efe Riro(Vegetable with Rice)

African Cuisine: Efe Riro(Vegetable with Rice)

Efe Riro(Vegetable with Rice) Ingredients

1 persons. Ingredients:Frozen fish(titus), fresh tomatoes&peper, vegetable(efo tete), kpomo, smoked fish(sharwa), crayfish, iru(locust bean), palm oil, groundnut oil, onions, maggi, salt and water.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Process: Washed the vegetable with a pinch of salt and add to the boiling water then turned it with turning stick(i off the electric burner so the heat from it will do the remaining since the water is already hot. Blend the pepper Pot on fire then add my oil. Here I mixed red and groundnut oil together. Allow is bleach for a minute then add onion, pepper turn it together then cover it to cook for 25-30min(depend on the quantity)..
Step 2 Next, grind some portion of the locust bean(iru) add to the boiling pepper turn and cover it to cook for 5minute then add fish(titus), crayfish (half), smoked fish(half), small water, maggi and pinch of salt to taste. Turn and cover to cooked for another 5min. Next, I removed the Titus fish so it won't scatter then add the per-boiled vegetable, the remaining portion of ; locust bean(iru- not grinded), crayfish, smoked fish and poured the Titus fish back..
Step 3 Turn it carefully so I don't mess up the Titus fish cos I want it complete and not half😁. Add little water if needed, taste to see if you still need small salt cos vegetables can be funny at times allow it cook for 5min. Then reduce the heat of your gas, burner or stove and allow it settle for 3min then turn it off. Served with rice, any swallow of your choice then cap it all with chilled water, juice or soft drink. Thanks to #Mothers & Sisters Circle on Facebook #Lagosstate. Yours truly…..
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