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Traditional African Foods Jollof Rice and Beans

African Cuisine Jollof Rice and Beans

West African Foods: Jollof Rice and Beans

Jollof Rice and Beans Ingredients

1 cooking spoons boiled beans.
2 cooking spoons parboiled rice.
3 cooking spoons Fried Stew.
4 beef stock.
5 Seasoning.
6 crayfish.
7 big onion.
8 Salt.
9 To garnish.
10 medium bunch Efo.
11 small green onions.
12 Fried fish.
13 Chili Sauce.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 In a dry clean pot, pour in Stew, put on fire and allow to heat up..
Step 2 Once it starts frying, pour in beef stock, crayfish and allow to boil..
Step 3 Dice onion and set aside..
Step 4 Once boiled, pour in parboiled rice and mix. Cover pot and allow for 5mins..
Step 5 Remove lid and add in cooked beans, mix well so it incorporates with the rice and other ingredients. Correct seasoning and cover pot..
Step 6 Let the mix cook and as the water is almost dried, pour in diced Onion. Allow food simmer and put off heat..
Step 7 Wash and cut Efo and green onions and put in a pot. Add in a pinch of salt and put on fire. Stir the vegetables for 5mins and put off heat..
Step 8 Dish out food and garnish with steamed vegetables and fried fish with Chili sauce..
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