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African Dish Stir Fry Vegetable CousCous

Traditional African Foods Stir Fry Vegetable CousCous

West African Foods: Stir Fry Vegetable CousCous

Stir Fry Vegetable CousCous Ingredients

1 Cous cous.
2 Efo leaves (Alayyaho).
3 Onion pepper mix.
4 Seasoning cubes, salt and spices.
5 Vegetable oil.
6 Water.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 To your pot of hot oil add in your couscous and keep stirring till it begins to brown..
Step 2 Add in your onions, grated ginger, onion pepper mix and keep stirring..
Step 3 Add in your seasoning cubes, salt and spices as desired..keep on stirring because if you don't, it will burn..
Step 4 Add in your washed sliced leaves and stir one more time..
Step 5 Add water to cover the contents of the pot. Not too much water just enough to cover the fried Cous Cous. Cover and steam on low heat..
Step 6 Serve and Enjoy!.
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