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So Delicious Traditional Patiala Glass Kesar Thandai Nigerian Food

So Yummy Traditional Patiala Glass Kesar Thandai must be one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. Its easy to make Traditional Patiala Glass Kesar Thandai.

Traditional Patiala Glass Kesar Thandai

Tasty Food Traditional Patiala Glass Kesar Thandai Nigerian Cuisine

You can simply cook Traditional Patiala Glass Kesar Thandai by following 12 ingredients and just 10 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook that.


1 Prepare 3 liter of milk.
2 You need 8 pieces of almonds.
3 Approximately 8 pieces of cashews.
4 It’s 8 pieces of pistachios.
5 It’s 8-10 strands of kesar.
6 Approximately 3 tsp of khus khus.
7 You need 3 tsp of melon seeds.
8 About 4 tsp of saunf.
9 It’s 4 pieces of green elaichi/ cardamom pods (crushed).
10 About 8 pieces of black pepper(crushed).
11 Prepare As needed- of ice cubes (hand crushed).
12 Approximately 10 tsp of sugar.
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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 In a deep pan take milk & boil till becomes half..
Step 2 Add sugar & kesar strands.Mix well & let it boil..
Step 3 For Thandai Masala- Soak almonds, cashews, khus khus,melon seeds,saunf, pistachios in water for 5 hours..
Step 4 Grind green cardamom pods/ elaichi & black pepper in a mortak, pestle & add in milk..
Step 5 Once our thandai masala is been properly soaked,grind it in fine paste..
Step 6 Add the paste to the milk & boil for 15 mints more, then turn off the flame..
Step 7 Let it cool on room temperature. Pour th
e thandai to the glasses..
Step 8 Take 2 ice cubes in each glass & crushed it on a cloth..
Step 9 Add randomly crushed ice to the glass..
Step 10 Enjoy the traditional patiyala glass kesar thandai..