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Yummy Food Traditional Sindhi Sweet Nigerian Food

Tasty Food Traditional Sindhi Sweet must be one of my favorite nigerian food. I always use this special recipe to serve Traditional Sindhi Sweet.

Traditional Sindhi Sweet

Easy Yummy Traditional Sindhi Sweet Nigerian Dish

You can have Traditional Sindhi Sweet in 10 ingredients and only 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do that.


1 You need 300 gms of Wheat flour.
2 You need 300 gms of sugar.
3 You need 1/2 cup of malai.
4 About 100 gms of Edible gums.
5 You need 200-250 gms of Ghee.
6 Approximately 300 gms of Cashew, Almond, Raisins, Dry dates.
7 Prepare 2 tbsp of Poppy seeds.
8 It’s 8-10 pieces of Cardamom.
9 It’s 1/4 cup of Melon seeds.
10 You need 100 gms of Dry Coconut.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Put some Sugar in a bowl and put malai in it and keep it aside. Keep a pan on the flame and roast some Melon Seeds and Poppy Seeds separately..
Step 2 Fry the Edible Gums in Ghee and then grind it. Take a big pan, put some Ghee in it and roast the Wheat Flour on low to medium flame till it turns golden. Then put some chopped Almonds and Cashew Nuts and roast them for 2-3 mins. Then put some ground Dry Dates and grated Dry Coconut in it and roast them all..
Step 3 After some time, put the Sugar Solution, ground Gums, Melon Seeds, Raisins, Poppy Seeds and Cardamom in it. Stir it continuously and cook it for 4-5 mins on slow flame..
Step 4 Grease the Tray with Ghee and put the ready mixture in it and set it properly in the tray. Garnish it with some Dry Fruits and cut the Khorak in slices. You can store it and enjoy it long time..
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