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Delicious Food Traditional Bengali Mix Vegetables Nigerian Dish

Best Food Ever: Traditional Bengali Mix Vegetables certainly is our favorite nigerian food. I will give you simple recipe to make Traditional Bengali Mix Vegetables.

Traditional Bengali Mix Vegetables

So Delicious Traditional Bengali Mix Vegetables Nigerian Cuisine

You can easily cook Traditional Bengali Mix Vegetables by following 15 ingredients and only 5 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 You need 3 tbsp of mustard oil.
2 Prepare 1 of potato cut into long sliced.
3 Prepare 1 tbsp of panch poron.
4 Approximately 1/2 cup of carrot small cubes.
5 It’s 1 of bitter gourd cut into long sliced.
6 It’s 1 tbsp of chopped ginger.
7 About 1 tbsp of sugar.
8 Prepare 1/2 cup of milk.
9 Approximately 1 tsp of fennel seeds.
10 Take 2 of green chillies.
11 Prepare 2 tbsp of mustard paste.
12 Approximately 2 tbsp of poppy seed paste.
13 You need 1 of drumsticks cut into long slice.
14 Approximately 1/2 cup of ridge gourd cubed.
15 About as per taste of salt.
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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Assemble Panch poron..
Step 2 Heat oil in a karahi & add panch poron.Fry all the veggies one by one..
Step 3 Now fry potato, bitter gourd, drumstick, ridge gourd and carrot one by one and set them aside. Now add green chilli and chopped ginger in the oil and saute..
Step 4 Now add poppy seed paste and mustard paste in it and stir well, add sugar and salt.Now add all th
e fried vegetables and stir well..
Step 5 Then add the milk and fennel seed and stir well for 5 mints. Now add ghee and switch off the flame. Serve hot with rice..