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African Food African Palm oil Jollof rice

Traditional African Foods African Palm oil Jollof rice

African Food: African Palm oil Jollof rice

African Palm oil Jollof rice Ingredients

1 1 ml palm oil.
2 2 cup Rice.
3 Maggi.
4 4 tbsp tomato paste.
5 2 each of chilli.
6 2 each Red pepper.
7 2 clove garlic cloves.
8 2 tbsp salt.
9 1 tbsp curry powder.
10 pinch ground cinnamon.
11 3 bunch spring onions.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Chop spring onions and be sure to wash to wash with salt.
Step 2 Add palm oil, grounded chilli, red pepper and tomato paste. Allow to fry.
Step 3 Add Maggi, salt, cinnamon, curry and stir.
Step 4 Add hot water, wash rice and add to to boiling hot water..
Step 5 Allow to cook for about 45 minutes, add already chopped spring onions..
Step 6 Serve with a home made orange drink for best results !.
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