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Easy Delicious Traditional Khus Sherbet Nigerian Cuisine

Easy Delicious Traditional Khus Sherbet certainly is one of my favorite nigerian food. I will guide you to make Traditional Khus Sherbet. What is khus – khus is beautifully fragrant cooling herb. These perennial grasses have a lovely woody aroma. I have actually had khus sherbets and drinks many times in my childhood.

Traditional Khus Sherbet

Easy Yummy Traditional Khus Sherbet Nigerian Cuisine

How to make khus sherbet. Узнать причину. Закрыть. Sherbet can also be prepared by using a combination of various syrups. Khus Khus Nutritional Value of Khus Khus Health Benefits of Khus Khus Uses of Khus Khus The small kidney-shaped seeds of Khus Khus are popularly known as Poppy seeds in the English. war. You can simply cook Traditional Khus Sherbet in 6 ingredients and just 17 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 It’s 3 handful of khus grass.
2 Prepare 1 1/2 kg of sugar.
3 About 1/2 litre of water (or sugar should soak completely).
4 You need 1 pinch of green colour.
5 Take 1 handful of green elachis.
6 It’s 1 handful of sabza seeds (optional).

Traditional sherbets that have found their place in Turkey from Persian food culture have long been Traditional syrups and sherbet, a name derived from the Arabic word "sharba," which means "drink. Sherbet-e-Azam: A mix of sugar and natural essence, sherbets are a good option, though they tend to be a little too sweet. Among these is Roohafza that has been an all-time favourite but is fast losing. sherbet is an idol group made up of gravure idols. Khus had fiberous roots. khus chappals or slippers. khus hats help keep your head cool in more ways than one!

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Soak Khus grass for 30mins, so that mud settles down..
Step 2 Wash khus grass 5-6 times or till dirty water is 90% clear..
Step 3 Keep it aside..
Step 4 Boil sugar and water in a heavy bottomed vessel..
Step 5 Remove the dirt from the sugar and throw it..
Step 6 Add green elachis and khus grass..
Step 7 Give 3-4 boils..
Step 8 Switch off the flame..
Step 9 Cover the vessel with a plate & keep heavy vessel or mortar on it..
Step 10 Next day mix the sherbet and remove the khus grass..
Step 11 In a small bowl add little water and edible green colour..
Step 12 Mix this to the sherbet..
Step 13 Pour this sherbet in a sterilized bottle..
Step 14 How to serve……
Step 15 Soak sabza seeds for 20mins..
Step 16 It will swell in size..
Step 17 In a glasz put 1 tbsp khus syrup ; sabza seeds,ice cubes and water. Stir and serve cold..

Khus essence is also used to make cooling drinks called 'sherbet'. Sherbet and Lassi are traditional Indian drinks. Sherbet and Lassi are considered as coolers and are meant to provide much needed respite from the hot Indian summer. Sherbet is a frozen dessert made with fruit, milk, and sometimes egg whites, and might be the most widely misspelled and mispronounced dessert ever. Kokum Sherbet nothing can beat the taste, pulpy texture and pristine aroma of this fresh and natural Kokum, prepared in your own kitchen.