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African Cuisine Ginger & cinnamon flavored chinchin

West African Foods Ginger & cinnamon flavored chinchin

Traditional African Foods: Ginger & cinnamon flavored chinchin

Ginger & cinnamon flavored chinchin Ingredients

1 flour.
2 sugar.
3 Ginger powder.
4 Cinnamon powder.
5 Butter 3/4 of simas.
6 Veg. Oil for frying.
7 eggs.
8 peak milk.
9 Vanilla flavor (little so as not to mask the other flavors).

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Combine the dry ingredients as well as butter. Mix to get a crumb like texture..
Step 2 Add the wet ingredients & mix to form a non stick dough. Add little water if dough is too stiff.
Step 3 Cut part of the dough, roll on a flat surface. Cut into strips then into small sizes. Do same for the rest of the dough..
Step 4 In a pot of hot oil on medium heat, gradually add the chinchin & fry in batches. Do not over crowd. Stir continuously to get an even Browning. Strain from the oil & its ready to serve..
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