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African Dish Coconut Rice

Traditional African Foods Coconut Rice

African Food: Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice Ingredients

1 rice.
2 bulbs of onions.
3 atarodo.
4 whole coconuts.
5 vegetable oil.
6 curry powder.
7 stock cubes.
8 salt.
9 ground crayfish.
10 carrots.
11 sweet corn.
12 diced green peas.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Parboil the rice, wash and set aside; wash and chop peppers, carrots, onions and set aside..
Step 2 Process the coconuts by blending with hot water, extract the milk and set aside..
Step 3 In a clean pot, add vegetable oil, then fry the onions, once you saute the onion, add the chopped pepper after about 3 minutes add the coconut milk and half of the ground crayfish, seasoning cubes, pinch of salt, cover the pot and allow to cook..
Step 4 Once it boils, pour in the parboiled rice, the remaining crayfish and taste for seasoning. Adjust as required and allow to cook on low heat..
Step 5 Once cooked, sprinkle some chopped carrots, sweet corn and green peas, stir it into the rice and turn off heat; serve with chicken.
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