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Traditional African Foods Vegetable coconut rice

African Cuisine Vegetable coconut rice

African Cuisine: Vegetable coconut rice

Vegetable coconut rice Ingredients

1 rice.
2 meat stock.
3 Quarter cup of coconut oil.
4 fresh coconut milk.
5 green bell pepper (shredded).
6 red bell pepper (shredded).
7 crayfish.
8 habanero pepper.
9 small can of sweet corn.
10 stock cubes.
11 spring onion.
12 Salt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Parboil your rice then set aside.
Step 2 Pour the meat stock and the coconut milk in a cooking pot then top up with little water enough to cook the rice.
Step 3 Next add the crayfish, one seasoning cube then cook till done.
Step 4 Set a big sauce pan on fire then heat the coconut oil for few minutes then add the spring onion and saute, at this point add the roughly blended habanero pepper then season with knorr cube and stir for few minutes then add the bell, pepper and cook for few mintues.
Step 5 Lastly add the boiled rice and sweet corn then mix together, taste and adjust then stir on low heat for few more minutes and put off the heat..
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