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African Dish Coconut rice with turkey and cucumber

West African Foods Coconut rice with turkey and cucumber

African Food: Coconut rice with turkey and cucumber

Coconut rice with turkey and cucumber Ingredients

1 big coconut.
2 medium sized cucumber.
3 Salt.
4 Knorr seasoning.
5 dry pepper.
6 curry.
7 cksp vegetable oil.
8 rice.
9 small ginger.
10 small garlic.
11 turkey.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Parboil rice for 12mins..
Step 2 Boil the turkey with salt,onion,knorr seasoning and curry.boil for 25mins..
Step 3 Break the coconut,rinse and grate.boil at least 3cups of water..
Step 4 Dilute the water with a cup of water.pour the grated coconut in a sieve and be pour the warm water gradually and be squezzing it at the same time..
Step 5 Sieve the coconut milk to pour in a pot,place on heat after 3 minutes..
Step 6 Put frying pan to dry on heat,pour in vegetable oil and heat up for 40seconds..
Step 7 Cut open 2 sachet of tomato paste and pour inside the hot oil..
Step 8 Add sliced onion.fry and be stirring for at least 3minutes..
Step 9 Pour inside the boiling coconut milk.add salt,knorr seasoning,curry,crayfish,ginger and garlic..
Step 10 Cover to boil for another 3-5mins.uncover and pour in the parboiled rice..
Step 11 Stir very well and cover to boil..
Step 12 Uncover after 7mins and check if the rice is soft and dry..
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