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Traditional African Foods Coconut rice,mix vegetables with fresh fish

African Cuisine Coconut rice,mix vegetables with fresh fish

West African Foods: Coconut rice,mix vegetables with fresh fish

Coconut rice,mix vegetables with fresh fish Ingredients

1 big coconut.
2 rice.
3 tasp of dry pepper.
4 carrot.
5 green bean.
6 cup of sweet corn.
7 maggi.
8 green pepper.
9 big onion.
10 garlic.
11 ginger.
12 fresh fish (4piece).
13 nutmeg.
14 barleys.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and parboil the rice for 5mins..
Step 2 Break and grate the coconut into a bowl..
Step 3 Boil water for 10mins.
Step 4 Add the boiled water into the grate coconut. To remove the milk in the coconut..
Step 5 Put 2 soup spoon of groundnut oil into the coconut milk..
Step 6 Add the grounded garlic, ginger,dry pepper, slice onion,2cubes Maggi, curry, thyme, nutmeg,and barleys..
Step 7 Allow to boil for 5mins.
Step 8 Add the parboil rice with a enough water salt,and Maggi to taste..
Step 9 Allow to boil for 20 mins..
Step 10 Add the sweet corn, carrot,green pepper,.
Step 11 Allow to steam for 3mins…
Step 12 Fresh fish wash thoroughly with water and salt.
Step 13 Spices with curry,thyme,2cubes Maggi, ginger, garlic, and onion..
Step 14 Parboil for 5mins..
Step 15 Put it in a deep fryer for 5mins.
Step 16 Ready to serve.
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