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West African Foods Coconut jollop rice

African Dish Coconut jollop rice

African Food: Coconut jollop rice

Coconut jollop rice Ingredients

1 Rice.
2 Coconut milk.
3 Grated coconut.
4 Seasonings and spices.
5 Carrots.
6 Peas.
7 Green pepper.
8 Onions.
9 Salt.
10 Oil.
11 Ginger and garlic.
12 Grated red pepper and scotch bonnet.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 💡 coconut milk- cut, wash and remove the black back of coconut chopped into small pieces and blend, sieve the juice that's the coconut milk and set aside. Soak the rice in normal water and cut the veggies depending on the shape you want. On heat put oil in a pot add onions, bay leaf, ginger and garlic paste allow it to saute add the grated red pepper and scotch bonnet let it fry and pour the coconut milk u can add water as well if the coconut milk won't be enough to cook the rice..
Step 2 Add salt, seasonings, spice, boiled peas, and carrots cover the pot to boil, when it boils Wash the rice and add it stir and allow to cook, when almost done add sliced green and red pepper and grated coconut and stir allow to simmer for 2-5 minutes and serve. I decorate my own with fried plantain and serve with potato salad..
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