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African Food Coconut jollof rice

African Food Coconut jollof rice

African Cuisine: Coconut jollof rice

Coconut jollof rice Ingredients

1 rice.
2 chicken stock.
3 vegetable oil.
4 spring onion.
5 fresh tomatoes.
6 Habanero pepper.
7 coconut milk.
8 medium sized carrot.
9 green bell pepper.
10 stock cube.
11 kitchen glory stock powder.
12 Salt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash your rice with warm water and salt then set aside.
Step 2 In a cooking pot, add the meat stock, one and half litres of water and the coconut milk, bring to boil then add the stock cube and stock powder, taste and adjust with salt.
Step 3 Next, add the washed rice to the pot then cover to cook till done.
Step 4 While the rice is cooking, dice your tomatoes, pepper and vegetables then set aside.
Step 5 Lastly, heat the vegetable oil in a large sauce pan or pot then add the spring onion and saute, at this point add the diced tomatoes and pepper and fry till dry, season with stock cube and kitchen glory to taste, add the cooked rice and combine by staring on a low heat. Taste and adjust if necessary, stir for about five minutes then put off your heat.
Step 6 Serve with any protein of your choice.
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