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African Food White rice/coconut curry saucs

African Cuisine White rice/coconut curry saucs

Traditional African Foods: White rice/coconut curry saucs

White rice/coconut curry saucs Ingredients

1 Green/red bell peppers,carrots,fresh ginger,coconut milk,.
2 Corn flour, chicken breast, peas, onions.
3 Spices,seasonings.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 First wash and cut the breasts into cubes.add in a bowl and marinate with red chilli powder,curry,thyme and stock cube.set aside.peel and chop all the veggies and set aside.dice the onions too..
Step 2 Mix the coconut milk and corn starch and set aside.heat up oil,add the chopped onions and marinated chicken and stir fry to lightly brown the chicken.add the coconut milk and cornstarch mixture and cook till it thickens.add chopped vegetables and grated ginger..
Step 3 If the sauce is too thick u can add a little water.add stock cubes,salt and spices to taste. Cover to cook until veggies are tender. Enjoy.
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