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African Dish Coconut jollof rice

African Dish Coconut jollof rice

Traditional African Foods: Coconut jollof rice

Coconut jollof rice Ingredients

1 Coconut.
2 Rice.
3 Salt.
4 Knorr.
5 Tomato paste.
6 Vegetable oil.
7 Onion.
8 Thyme.
9 Fresh pepper.
10 Garlic.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Break and grate coconut soak in warm water and squeeze out the liquid.repeat 2 more times..
Step 2 Parboil rice and rinse then set aside..
Step 3 Fry the tomato paste in vegetable oil adding onion,salt,curry,thyme,garlic coconut squezzed water to boil.enough for boiling the rice..
Step 4 Pour in the parboiled rice,stir and boil till is done.add more salt if needed.
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