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African Food Coconut rice and lamb curry

African Cuisine Coconut rice and lamb curry

African Dish: Coconut rice and lamb curry

Coconut rice and lamb curry Ingredients

1 Onion pepper mix.
2 Lamb meat.
3 Vegetable oil, Plain yoghurt, flour.
4 Seasoning and spices (curry powder, oregano, gram masala, thyme).
5 Carrot, green beans, red and green peppers, peas, spring onions.
6 For the coconut rice.
7 whole coconut.
8 Ginger, black pepper, cumin.
9 Diced carrot and green beans.
10 Cucumber, tomatoes for garnish.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash and cut meat into small chunks, put on fire with little or no water, season and spice it and let it cook till soft..
Step 2 Meat in a separate bowl. In the same pot, fry vegetable oil, onions, garlic ginger paste, peas and the onion pepper mix.
Step 3 Pour in the cooked meat and stock, spice and season to taste, add in carrots and green beans. Add half cup yoghurt and simmer.
Step 4 To thicken add 2 table spoons of flour in a cup of water mix thoroughly until smooth then add to the soup and mix. Add green pepper, an onion, cover to Cook for 2 more minutes..
Step 5 For the rice, parboil and keep aside. Grate or blend coconut, pour water on it and sieve out the water..
Step 6 Pour coconut water in a pot, add mashed ginger and black pepper, and cumin. When it begins to boil pour in the rice, add little amount of salt. Add in green beans and carrots. cover to steam. When its done add in spring onions and cover pot to steam..
Step 7 Serve, garnish with sliced cucumber and tomatoes. ENJOY!!!.
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