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Traditional African Foods Traditional veges

African Cuisine Traditional veges

Traditional African Foods: Traditional veges

Traditional veges Ingredients

1 Kandhira chopped.
2 Chopped dek.
3 Chopped managu.
4 Chopped mchicha.
5 oil.
6 grounded peanuts/groundnuts.
7 salt.
8 medium sized red onions.
9 water.
10 fresh milk.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 In a large sufuria..add all the veges..add water..and leave to boil…till your veges are ready….
Step 2 Drain excess water….
Step 3 In a non-stick pan..add oil..when it's ready..add onions and sauteé them…add your veges little by little…as you turn…add salt.
Step 4 Cook and stir gently..then add your milk…and then the peanuts…mix well..cook on low heat for 10 minutes…remove.
Step 5 Serve with ugali…or with any fav meal of your choice ♥️😋.
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