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African Dish Traditional okro soup

African Cuisine Traditional okro soup

African Dish: Traditional okro soup

Traditional okro soup Ingredients

1 Raw okro.
2 palm oil.
3 scotch bonnet.
4 cayenne pepper tattasai.
5 onion.
6 salt.
7 garlic.
8 cloves.
9 black pepper.
10 maggi.
11 dried ginger(or fresh).
12 potash.
13 locust beans (daddawa).
14 Water.
15 Cooked meat.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Put the 2 cups of water on heat & allow to boil, crush the black pepper, cloves, ginger and locust beans & add to the boiling water, then u add the cooked meat. Allow to cook for 5 mins then u grind the scotch bonnet(taruhu),cayenne peppper(tattasai), onion & garlic & add them all together. Followed by maggi & salt. Then allow to cook for another 5 mins..
Step 2 In the mean time you grate the okro using a grater or you can pound or blend it. Then you add the potash & allow the foam to down add the grated okro stir & cook for 3 min then you off the heat & add the fried palm oil (fried with onions only). You can use stew instead of the palm oil..
Step 3 I serve mine with tuwon semovitaπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.
Step 4 .
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