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Traditional African Foods Pure coconut rice

Traditional African Foods Pure coconut rice

African Dish: Pure coconut rice

Pure coconut rice Ingredients

1 rice.
2 whole coconut.
3 dry fish.
4 fresh pepper(blended).
5 onion bulb(chopped).
6 maggi.
7 crayfish(ground).
8 vegetable oil.
9 salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Place pot on heat add water allow to heat for 5min then wash rice and add allow to boil for 15min wash and drain rice..
Step 2 Grate coconut then add warm water to remove the milk use sieve to remove milk..
Step 3 Place clean pot back on heat add vegetable oil after 2min add onion,pepper and stir then add coconut milk..
Step 4 Wash fish and debone add to the pot add maggi and salt then add crayfish add rice and mix correctly..
Step 5 Sprinkle a little salt.cover and allow water to dry off..
Step 6 Serve hot so delicious..
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