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African Cuisine Vegetable Coconut Fried Rice

Traditional African Foods Vegetable Coconut Fried Rice

African Cuisine: Vegetable Coconut Fried Rice

Vegetable Coconut Fried Rice Ingredients

1 rice.
2 coconut milk.
3 Coconut oil.
4 Butter.
5 Carrots.
6 Green pepper.
7 Red pepper.
8 Sweet corn.
9 Spring onions.
10 Meat/chicken broth.
11 Seasoning (Maggi,salt,ginger garlic powder).
12 Curry.
13 Thyme.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Gather all the ingredients.
Step 2 In a pot put little butter,let it melt.
Step 3 After melting add little coconut oil. Pour in the washed rice and keep stirring till it gives a brown colour (roasting the rice).it takes like 6-10min.
Step 4 Pour in the coconut milk and chicken/meat broth into the roasted rice and stir. Put a foil paper on the pot and cover on medium heat till the rice is 70% done.
Step 5 In another pot, put in butter. Stir Fry onions and carrot till soft.
Step 6 Once the rice is 70% done, pour in the carrot and onions saute,put in all the seasoning and adjust the salt Pour a little water that will cook it till done, cover and cook till done.
Step 7 Once it's done, pour in the rest of the veggies,stir and simmer.
Step 8 Then serve and enjoy the Vegetable Coconut Fried Rice with your loved ones.
Step 9 On.
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