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African Food Coconut Vegetable Rice

African Food Coconut Vegetable Rice

African Dish: Coconut Vegetable Rice

Coconut Vegetable Rice Ingredients

1 Rice, Coconut juice, Groundnut oil, Salt, Dryfish.
2 Onions, Cubes, Carrot, Green peas, Green pepper, Liver.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Parboil and wash the rice. Keep aside.
Step 2 Pour the coconut juice milk into the rice cooker. Allow to boil. Add the rice. Add salt to taste.
Step 3 Chop the vegetables. Steam and dice the liver as well. Shred the dry fish..
Step 4 Add groundnut oil into a dry pan. Add sliced onions. Add the dry fish and liver. Add the chopped vegetables. Add cubes. Allow to simmer..
Step 5 Pour the steamed vegetables into the well cooked rice and stir..
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