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Traditional African Foods #Kunucontest#Kunun kwakwa da shinkafa

Traditional African Foods #Kunucontest#Kunun kwakwa da shinkafa

West African Foods: #Kunucontest#Kunun kwakwa da shinkafa

#Kunucontest#Kunun kwakwa da shinkafa Ingredients

1 unparboiled rice.
2 medium size coconut.
3 Cous-cous used for pap.
4 Water.
5 Sugar.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash the rice n soak it until it is soft.Then u blend,sieve n keep it aside..
Step 2 Break ur coconut,peel it,wash n grate it.After grating u blend it n sieve den keep it aside..
Step 3 Put ur pot on fire n turn d blended coconut inside the pot n allow it to cook..
Step 4 Put ur cous-cous inside d boiling coconut n allow it to cook half done,it should nt be too soft..
Step 5 Then pour ur blended rice inside d pot n be stirring it until it is thick den u bring down ur pot n ur kunu is done..
Step 6 Add ur sugar n drink ur kunu..
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