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African Cuisine Coconut Rice (Narali bhat)

African Dish Coconut Rice (Narali bhat)

African Food: Coconut Rice (Narali bhat)

Coconut Rice (Narali bhat) Ingredients

1 rice any kind I took basmati tukda.
2 grated coconut.
3 jaggery.
4 water.
5 cloves.
6 Desi ghee.
7 salt.
8 Nutmeg powder.
9 milk.
10 Dry fruits.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Soaked rice for ten minutes..
Step 2 Heat Pan add desi ghee to it saute grated coconut add jaggery to it allow it to cook slowly but be sure it should not stick..
Step 3 Now pressure cook the rice by giving two whistles.Allow it to cool.
Step 4 Roast dry fruits in little ghee.
Step 5 Add nutmeg powder to coconut mixture, add dry fruits also..
Step 6 Now in another pan arrange layers of rice and coconut mixture.give steam for 5 minutes. Mix well and serve hot with desi ghee..
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