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Traditional African Foods Coconut Rice Kheer

West African Foods Coconut Rice Kheer

African Food: Coconut Rice Kheer

Coconut Rice Kheer Ingredients

1 and half cup rice (mota chawal).
2 and half liter milk.
3 water.
4 sugar (small cup… crushed).
5 coconut (grated).
6 cashew (crushed).
7 almond (crushed).
8 pistachio (crushed).

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 First of all soak rice in water for 1 hour. Grind in blender and put aside..
Step 2 Take a pan and add milk and water and boil it. When it start boiling add rice and grated coconut. Stir well..
Step 3 When it start boiling add grinded sugar, pistachio, almond and cashew. Stir continuously to prevent it from sticking at the base..
Step 4 Now slow the flame and stir until it becomes thick. Pour in a bowl and put on room temperature for 10-15 minutes..
Step 5 Now garnish with pistachio, almond and put in refrigerator for 1hour to become cool. Now yummy 😋 kheer is ready to serve 😋..
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