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African Cuisine Sticky Coconut Rice

West African Foods Sticky Coconut Rice

African Dish: Sticky Coconut Rice

Sticky Coconut Rice Ingredients

1 arborio rice.
2 coconut milk.
3 ripe mango.
4 lemon.
5 castor sugar.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Collect all the ingredients..
Step 2 Wash and soak rice at least for 5 hours as these rice are thick and short..
Step 3 Cook rice with water you will need to add water 2 or three times as thick rice don't let the rice dry..
Step 4 In a glass add coconut milk castor sugar and lemon juice mix it well when rice seems to be cooked..
Step 5 Add this to rice stir and cover the rice on low flame for 5 minutes..
Step 6 Make mango sauce adding 2 tbsp of sugar blend in a mixture jar and this mango pure cook for five minutes on the low flame..
Step 7 Garnish with mango slices and serve with mango puree (sauce).
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