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Traditional African Foods Traditional Kenyan Chicken Stew

Traditional African Foods Traditional Kenyan Chicken Stew

African Cuisine: Traditional Kenyan Chicken Stew

Traditional Kenyan Chicken Stew Ingredients

1 whole local chicken.
2 tomatoes.
3 red pepper.
4 Scotch bonnet.
5 small onions.
6 salt.
7 Maggi cube seasoning.
8 curry.
9 ginger.
10 glove garlic.
11 coriander seed.
12 cookspoon vegetable oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Clean, cut local chicken into pieces.
Step 2 Rinse and pound garlic with ginger. Rinse and chop onions set aside.
Step 3 Put the chicken into pot, add salt, 1 Maggi, half of the pound garlic and ginger with small onion and coriander seed.
Step 4 Add quantity of water, cover to boil till soft (50 minutes).
Step 5 In another pot on fire, put vegetable oil, add remaining onion, garlic and ginger (if interested) stir fry a while.
Step 6 Add the grounded tomato, pepper, and scotch bonnet (paste).
Step 7 Add in chicken, and seasoning then stir in the chicken stock.
Step 8 Cover and allow to simmer for 5 minute.
Step 9 Traditional chicken stew is ready to serve.
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