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African Dish Coconut rice

African Cuisine Coconut rice

African Food: Coconut rice

Coconut rice Ingredients

1 cooked rice.
2 grated coconut.
3 oil.
4 peanuts.
5 mustard seeds.
6 cumin seeds.
7 hing.
8 curry leaves.
9 red chillies.
10 chopped green chilli.
11 black pepper.
12 udad dal.
13 chana dal.
14 salt.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Take a bowl of cooked rice and keep this aside to let cool..
Step 2 Take a pan,add oil and wait till it gets heated. add mustard seeds and cumin seeds,red chillies,curry leaves, peanuts,both udad and chana dal into it and mix these well and wait,after 2-3 mins add green chillies and mix well. Remove the pan from gas..
Step 3 Add the grated coconut into that pan,mix it well then add salt into it..
Step 4 Now Coconut rice is ready to serve..
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